Package net.miginfocom.layout

Interface Summary
ComponentWrapper A class that wraps the important parts of a Component.
ContainerWrapper A class that wraps a container that contains components.
InCellGapProvider An interface to implement if you want to decide the gaps between two types of components within the same cell.

Class Summary
AC A constraint that holds the column or row constraints for the grid.
BoundSize A size that contains minimum, preferred and maximum size of type UnitValue.
CC A simple value holder for one component's constraint.
ConstraintParser Parses string constraints.
DimConstraint A simple value holder for a constraint for one dimension.
Grid Holds components in a grid.
IDEUtil This class contains static methods to be used by IDE vendors to convert to and from String/API constraints.
LayoutCallback A class to extend if you want to provide more control over where a component is placed or the size of it.
LayoutUtil A utility class that has only static helper methods.
LC Contains the constraints for an instance of the LC layout manager.
PlatformDefaults Currently handles Windows, Mac OS X, and GNOME spacing.

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