pgpool Status


On the status screen, it is possible to display it for pgpool as follows, and operate it.


The content of pgpool.conf is displayed.

In each process for pgpool,

  • Process ID
  • Database Name
  • Username
  • Process start time
  • Connection create time
  • Protocol major version
  • Protocol miner version
  • Use of connection

will be shown.
In each process, it will be displayed only the number of max_pool in pgpool.conf in the maximum.

In each node,

  • IP address
  • Port number
  • Status
  • Weight
  • Disconnect button

will be shown. But, the button for disconnection will not be shown when pgpool is running on parallel mode.

In the status,

  • Up. Disconnect
  • Up. Connected
  • Down

the three states will be shown.

It is possible to display about log of pgpool when pgpool doesn't run in daemon mode(-n).
It is possible to start pgpool when it is stopped. The start option of pgpool
  • Clears query cache(-c)
  • don't run in daemon mode(-n)
  • stop mode(-m)
  • pgpool.conf(-f)
  • pcp.conf(-F)
can be specified.

All the processes of pgpool are stopped. The pgpool stop option is displayed, when "pgpool Stop" is pushed. There are stop mode for pgpool as follows.
  • smart
  • fast
  • immediate
If pgpool is stopped, pgpool status in the status window becomes "pgpool stop" and the start option for pgpool is displayed.

First, all the processes of pgpool are stopped and then pgpool start process is executed. Both the start and the stop of the abovementioned items can be specified.