pgpoolAdmin Setting


The setting of the pgpool administration tool can be displayed and be changed.


(string) The language that wants to be displayed is selected.
(string) Path to pgpool.conf is specified in the full path.
(string) Path to pcp.conf is specified in the full path.
Clears query cache(-c) When starting pgpool, the query cache is cleared.
Don't run in daemon mode(-n) pgpool can be run in non-daemon mode. For display of pgpool log in this pool, it is necessary to turn on this item.
Debug mode(-d) pgpool can be run in debug mode. When the debugging log is necessary, it turns it on.
Stop mode(-d) All the processes of pgpool are stopped. The pgpool stop option is displayed, when "pgpool Stop" is pushed. There are stop mode for pgpool as follows.
  • smart
  • fast
  • immediate
If pgpool is stopped, pgpool status in the status window become "pgpool stop" and start option for pgpool is displayed.
pgpool.conf(-f) When pgpool starts, pgpool.conf must be specified. The path of pgpool.conf is specified in "pgpool.conf File".
pcp.conf(-F) When pgpool starts, pcp.conf must be specified. The path of pcp.conf is specified in "Password File".
(string) The full-path log file name OR pipe command is specified. To assign a pipe command, make sure it starts with a bar ('|'). If it is left blank and pgpool is started in non-daemon mode, "pgpool.log" file is created in the directory specified by the logdir parameter of pgpool.conf.
(string) The directory that has installed the PCP command is specified.
(string) The host name that executes the PCP command is specified. It usually becomes "localhost".
(integer) The update interval of status is specified every second. When 0 is specified, it doesn't update it automatically.

Finally, The update button is renewed pushing.