Class HtmlEscapers

  • @GwtCompatible
    public final class HtmlEscapers
    extends Object
    Escaper instances suitable for strings to be included in HTML attribute values and most elements' text contents. When possible, avoid manual escaping by using templating systems and high-level APIs that provide autoescaping. One Google-authored templating system available for external use is Closure Templates.

    HTML escaping is particularly tricky: For example, some elements' text contents must not be HTML escaped. As a result, it is impossible to escape an HTML document correctly without domain-specific knowledge beyond what HtmlEscapers provides. We strongly encourage the use of HTML templating systems.

    Sven Mawson, David Beaumont
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      • htmlEscaper

        public static Escaper htmlEscaper()
        Returns an Escaper instance that escapes HTML metacharacters as specified by HTML 4.01. The resulting strings can be used both in attribute values and in most elements' text contents, provided that the HTML document's character encoding can encode any non-ASCII code points in the input (as UTF-8 and other Unicode encodings can).

        Note: This escaper only performs minimal escaping to make content structurally compatible with HTML. Specifically, it does not perform entity replacement (symbolic or numeric), so it does not replace non-ASCII code points with character references. This escaper escapes only the following five ASCII characters: '"&<>.