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  • Inspect, Modify, and Debug React and Redux in Firefox with Add-ons

    React, along with Redux, is one of the fastest and most flexible UI frameworks on the web. It’s easy to write, easy to use and is great for teams. However, it's not easy to debug them in the browser. Now, browser add-ons like React Developer Tools, Redux DevTools, and Vue ...

  • The MDN Redesign “Behind the Scenes”

    The MDN redesign will go live after noon Pacific Time today! Kuma, the code that produces the MDN site, is a weird mix of the old and the new. MDN turned ten in 2015 and there’s still code and content around from those very first days. When I sat down ...

  • Optimizing Performance of A-Frame Scenes for Mobile Devices

    For a WebVR capstone project at Oregon State University, our team investigated performance and optimizations for A-Frame on Android smartphones. We developed a means of benchmarking the level of 3D complexity a mobile phone is capable of, and determining which performance metrics are required for such a benchmark.

  • WebAssembly for Native Games on the Web

    There's never been a better time to port a native game to the web. Here are some tips from the trenches for getting started with WebAssembly and Emscripten.

  • The Next Generation of Web Gaming

    Now available in Firefox and Chrome, and also soon in Edge and WebKit, WebAssembly enables near-native performance of code in the browser, which is great for game development, and has also shown benefits for WebVR applications. Here's a look at how far we've come and what's ahead for HTML5 game ...

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