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Well-Known Users of SQLite:

A few of the better-known users of SQLite are shown below in alphabetical order. There is no complete list of projects and companies that use SQLite. SQLite is in the public domain and so many groups use SQLite in their projects without ever telling us.

Adobe uses SQLite as the application file format for their Photoshop Lightroom product. SQLite is also a standard part of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). It is reported that Acrobat Reader also uses SQLite.
Airbus confirms that SQLite is being used in the flight software for the A350 XWB family of aircraft.
Apple uses SQLite for many functions within Mac OS X, including Apple Mail, Safari, and in Aperture. Apple uses SQLite in the iPhone and in the iPod touch and in iTunes software.
The increasingly popular Dropbox file archiving and synchronization service is reported to use SQLite as the primary data store on the client side.
SQLite is the primary meta-data storage format for the Firefox Web Browser and the Thunderbird Email Reader from Mozilla.
Flame is a malware spy program that is reported to make heavy use of SQLite.
We believe that General Electric uses SQLite in some product or another because they twice wrote to the SQLite developers requesting the US Export Control Number for SQLite. So presumably GE is using SQLite in something that they are exporting. But nobody (outside of GE) seems to know what that might be.
It is known that Google uses SQLite in their Desktop for Mac, in Google Gears, in the Android cell-phone operating system, and in the Chrome Web Browser. People are suspicious that Google uses SQLite for lots of other things that we do not know about yet. Engineers at Google have made extensive contributions to the full-text search subsystem within SQLite.
Intuit apparently uses SQLite in QuickBooks and in TurboTax to judge from some error reports from users seen here and here.
McAfee uses SQLite in its antivirus programs. Mentioned here and implied here.
It can be inferred from traffic on the SQLite mailing list that at least one group within Microsoft is using SQLite in the development of a game program. No word yet if this game has actually been released or if they are still using SQLite.
The popular PHP programming language comes with both SQLite2 and SQLite3 built in.
SQLite comes bundled with the Python programming language since Python 2.5.
The REALbasic programming environment comes bundled with an enhanced version of SQLite that supports AES encryption.
There are multiple sightings of SQLite in the Skype client for Mac OS X and Windows.
The Tcl/Tk programming language now comes with SQLite built-in. SQLite works particularly well with Tcl since SQLite was originally a Tcl extension that subsequently "escaped" into the wild.
A representative of Toshiba wrote to the SQLite developers and requested the US Export Control Number for SQLite. We infer from this that Toshiba is exporting something from the US that uses SQLite, but we do not know what that something is.