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The SQLite Consortium

The SQLite Consortium is a membership association dedicated to insuring the continuing vitality and independence of SQLite. SQLite is high-quality, public domain software. The goal of the SQLite Consortium is to make sure it stays that way.

Consortium members contribute funding to support the ongoing development and maintenance of SQLite and in return receive enterprise-level technical support and legal assurances that SQLite will remain independent and open-source. Consortium members have direct access to the SQLite developers and receive priority consideration for any bug fixes or feature requests. However, technical control and direction of SQLite remains with the SQLite architect and developers. An important goal of the SQLite Consortium, after all, is to make sure that SQLite does not fall under the governance of any single company but remains independent and fully under the control of the SQLite developers.

Companies that use SQLite as a critical component in their products or infrastructure may want to consider becoming SQLite Consortium Members as inexpensive insurance in the future vitality and independence of SQLite. The SQLite Consortium membership fee is a fraction of the cost of devoting internal staff to supporting the SQLite code base. Benefits of membership include:

How To Become A Consortium Member

Membership in the SQLite Consortium is via contract with Hipp, Wyrick & Company, Inc.. Please call +1.704.948.4565 during US east-coast business hours for additional information.