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These pages define the C-language interface to SQLite.

This is not a tutorial. These pages are designed to be precise, not easy to read. For a tutorial introduction see SQLite In 3 Minutes Or Less and/or the Introduction To The SQLite C/C++ Interface.

This version of the C-language interface reference is broken down into small pages for easy viewing. The same content is also available as a single large HTML file for those who prefer that format.

The content on these pages is extracted from comments in the source code.

The interface is broken down into three categories:

  1. List Of Objects. This is a list of all abstract objects and datatypes used by the SQLite library. There are couple dozen objects in total, but the three most important objects are: A database connection object sqlite3, prepared statement object sqlite3_stmt, and the 64-bit integer type sqlite3_int64.

  2. List Of Constants. This is a list of numeric constants used by SQLite and represented by #defines in the sqlite3.h header file. These constants are things such as numeric return parameters from various interfaces (ex: SQLITE_OK or flags passed into functions to control behavior (ex: SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY).

  3. List Of Functions. This is a list of all functions and methods operating on the objects and using and/or returning constants. There are many functions, but most applications only use a handful.