HttpCore is a set of components implementing the most fundamental aspects of the HTTP protocol that are nonetheless sufficient to develop full-featured client-side and server-side HTTP services with a minimal footprint.

HttpCore has the following scope and goals:

1. HttpCore Scope

  • A consistent API for building client / proxy / server side HTTP services

  • A consistent API for building both synchronous and asynchronous HTTP services

  • A set of low level components based on blocking (classic) and non-blocking (NIO) I/O models

2. HttpCore Goals

  • Implementation of the most fundamental HTTP transport aspects

  • Balance between good performance and the clarity & expressiveness of API

  • Small (predictable) memory footprint

  • Self-contained library (no external dependencies beyond JRE)

3. What HttpCore is NOT

  • A replacement for HttpClient

  • A replacement for Servlet APIs