51.72. pg_hba_file_rules

The view pg_hba_file_rules provides a summary of the contents of the client authentication configuration file, pg_hba.conf. A row appears in this view for each non-empty, non-comment line in the file, with annotations indicating whether the rule could be applied successfully.

This view can be helpful for checking whether planned changes in the authentication configuration file will work, or for diagnosing a previous failure. Note that this view reports on the current contents of the file, not on what was last loaded by the server.

By default, the pg_hba_file_rules view can be read only by superusers.

Table 51.73. pg_hba_file_rules Columns

line_numberinteger Line number of this rule in pg_hba.conf
typetextType of connection
databasetext[]List of database name(s) to which this rule applies
user_nametext[]List of user and group name(s) to which this rule applies
addresstext Host name or IP address, or one of all, samehost, or samenet, or null for local connections
netmasktextIP address mask, or null if not applicable
auth_methodtextAuthentication method
optionstext[]Options specified for authentication method, if any
errortext If not null, an error message indicating why this line could not be processed

Usually, a row reflecting an incorrect entry will have values for only the line_number and error fields.

See Chapter 20 for more information about client authentication configuration.