51.28. pg_init_privs

The catalog pg_init_privs records information about the initial privileges of objects in the system. There is one entry for each object in the database which has a non-default (non-NULL) initial set of privileges.

Objects can have initial privileges either by having those privileges set when the system is initialized (by initdb) or when the object is created during a CREATE EXTENSION and the extension script sets initial privileges using the GRANT system. Note that the system will automatically handle recording of the privileges during the extension script and that extension authors need only use the GRANT and REVOKE statements in their script to have the privileges recorded. The privtype column indicates if the initial privilege was set by initdb or during a CREATE EXTENSION command.

Objects which have initial privileges set by initdb will have entries where privtype is 'i', while objects which have initial privileges set by CREATE EXTENSION will have entries where privtype is 'e'.

Table 51.28. pg_init_privs Columns

objoidoidany OID columnThe OID of the specific object
classoidoidpg_class.oidThe OID of the system catalog the object is in
objsubidint4  For a table column, this is the column number (the objoid and classoid refer to the table itself). For all other object types, this column is zero.
privtypechar  A code defining the type of initial privilege of this object; see text
initprivsaclitem[]  The initial access privileges; see Section 5.7 for details