51.22. pg_extension

The catalog pg_extension stores information about the installed extensions. See Section 37.17 for details about extensions.

Table 51.22. pg_extension Columns

oidoid Row identifier
extnamename Name of the extension
extowneroidpg_authid.oidOwner of the extension
extnamespaceoidpg_namespace.oidSchema containing the extension's exported objects
extrelocatablebool True if extension can be relocated to another schema
extversiontext Version name for the extension
extconfigoid[]pg_class.oidArray of regclass OIDs for the extension's configuration table(s), or NULL if none
extconditiontext[] Array of WHERE-clause filter conditions for the extension's configuration table(s), or NULL if none

Note that unlike most catalogs with a namespace column, extnamespace is not meant to imply that the extension belongs to that schema. Extension names are never schema-qualified. Rather, extnamespace indicates the schema that contains most or all of the extension's objects. If extrelocatable is true, then this schema must in fact contain all schema-qualifiable objects belonging to the extension.