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Oracle® Streams Advanced Queuing User's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E11013-04
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What's New in Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing?

1 Introduction to Oracle AQ

2 Basic Components

3 Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing: Programmatic Interfaces

4 Managing Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing

5 Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing Performance and Scalability

6 Internet Access to Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing

7 Troubleshooting Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing

8 Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing Administrative Interface

9 Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing & Messaging Gateway Views

10 Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing Operations Using PL/SQL

11 Introducing Oracle JMS

12 Oracle JMS Basic Operations

13 Oracle JMS Point-to-Point

14 Oracle JMS Publish/Subscribe

15 Oracle JMS Shared Interfaces

16 Oracle JMS Types Examples

17 Introducing Oracle Messaging Gateway

18 Getting Started with Oracle Messaging Gateway

19 Working with Oracle Messaging Gateway

20 Oracle Messaging Gateway Message Conversion

21 Monitoring Oracle Messaging Gateway

22 Using ANYDATA Queues for User Messages

23 Oracle Streams Messaging Examples

A Nonpersistent Queues

B JMS and AQ XML Servlet Error Messages