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Oracle Database Master Index: Y
11g Release 2 (11.2)

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Index Entries

Y variable in SQLDA
how value is set (Pro*C/C++ Programmer's Guide)
purpose of (Pro*C/C++ Programmer's Guide)
Yellow Pages
See business directory (YP)
YESSPELL option (OLAP DML Reference)
ym_iso_format of TO_YMINTERVAL function (SQL Language Quick Reference)
YMINTERVAL data type (OLAP DML Reference)
YMINTERVAL function (OLAP DML Reference)
See business directory (YP)
ypserv program (Net Services Administrator's Guide)
YRABSTART option (OLAP DML Reference)
yScale operator (Multimedia Reference)
     [entry #2] (Multimedia Reference)
YUM (2 Day + Real Application Clusters Guide)
YY datetime format element (Advanced Application Developer's Guide)
YYOF function (OLAP DML Reference)