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Oracle® Database Client Installation Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E24187-05
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A Installing Java Access Bridge

This appendix describes how to install Java Access Bridge, which enables use of a screen reader with Oracle components:


Java Access Bridge is not supported on Windows x64 for 64-bit database installations.

A.1 Overview of Java Access Bridge

Java Access Bridge enables assistive technologies to read Java applications running on the Windows platform. Assistive technologies can read Java-based interfaces, such as Oracle Universal Installer and Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control.

Your Oracle Database, Oracle Database Client, and Oracle Database Examples media contain the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5, which Oracle Universal Installer uses during installation. The JRE enables use of Java Access Bridge during installation. See "Setup for Oracle Installed Components" for information about installing and configuring Java Access Bridge after you install Oracle components.

A.2 Setup for JRE 1.5

To set up Java Access Bridge with JRE 1.5, stop your assistive technology, then from the installation media root, go to install directory and double-click access_setup.bat file before the installation.

After the batch file has run, restart your assistive technology program.

A.3 Setup for Oracle Installed Components

This section describes how to install and configure Java Access Bridge for Windows after installing Oracle components. It contains the following topics:

A.3.1 Installing Java Access Bridge

To install Java Access Bridge, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Sun Microsystem's Web site and download Java Access Bridge:


  2. Select the accessbridge-2_0_1-manual_install.zip file and extract its files to the system where you plan to install Java Access Bridge. For example:

  3. Copy the Java Access Bridge files listed in Table A-1 into the JRE 1.5 directory used by Oracle components. If the files exist, overwrite them. By default, the JRE used by Oracle components is installed in:


    Table A-1 lists the files that you must copy from the Java Access Bridge location on your hard drive to the JRE directory used by Oracle components:

    Table A-1 Copy Files to JRE Directory

    Copy To













  4. You can access Java Access Bridge documentation located at


A.3.2 Configuring Oracle Components to Use Java Access Bridge

You can configure Oracle components to use Access Bridge after you complete the installation. To do so, you must set the system variable ORACLE_OEM_CLASSPATH to point to the installed Java Access Bridge files.

Follow these steps:

  1. Display System in the Control Panel.

  2. Select the Advanced tab.

  3. Click the Environment Variables button.

  4. Click the New button under the System Variable list. The New System Variable dialog appears.

  5. In the Variable Name field, enter ORACLE_OEM_CLASSPATH.

  6. In the Variable Value field, enter the full path to jaccess.jar and access-bridge.jar.

    Use a semicolon to separate the two paths. Do not use quotes or character spaces. For example, if JRE 1.5 is installed in the default location, the setting would be:

  7. Click OK.